Bomber's Run Released!

Bomber’s Run is officially out and available to play on both and Pico-8 BBS. There is something very satisfying about checking off the last box on your todo list and hitting that publish button. It was amazing to start and complete a project in such a short period of time. I had a blast making it and I hope everyone who plays it gets a few minutes of fun from this game.


Bomber's Run

Bomber’s Run is now officially a thing. I have made some solid progress on this new game. Most of that is due to how quickly I was able to learn from other developers in the PICO-8 community. They seem to have a solid understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the virtual console.

Gameplay and new enemies

The game plays a lot like how I envisioned it. A mix of several mario games with a dash of Bubble Bobble. My hope is to release this in the next couple of weeks ( at least before the end of this month ) and perhaps port it over to gamemaker in order to learn a bit more about that middleware.


Design Decisions

Gameplay First Level

Indie game developers wear a lot of hats when making game. Particularly when working on a solo project. You become the lead programmer, artist, designer, music composer, producer and PR guy. You are expected to be (or at least encouraged to be) good at most of those thing. Sometimes I wish my creative outlet was something easier like photography ( no offence to photographers, I have no idea how hard it is ot be a photographer :) ).

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As game developers, when we think of the ideal creative environment we often envision a project with a large budget, few milestones and unlimited financial and talent resources. Logically, that makes sense, but the truth is it is not often ideal. If you want proof have a look at Duke Nukem Forever or more recently Mighty No. 9 (Yes I am cherry picking a bit here). Even on my own projects this seems to be the case. I found my personal best work was done when constraints were set. Often the more constraints I had the better the overall results.

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I Failed My First Ludum Dare

I tried out Ludum Dare for the first time ever this past December. It was something I have been promising myself I would do for months but could never seem to find the time. This time was different. I had booked off the weekend and committed to this 100 percent. It was exciting to go think up an idea that would take no more than a day or two to complete. Something small and fun yet challenging and on theme.

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